For partners

We will gladly discuss with you any project!

Partner program condition:


Partner, with the help of personal connections or in another way, looking for potential customer and encourages him to work with our company. Partner receives a fee in the form of a percentage of the order value.

Amount of commission:

The percentage of partner earnings on each project, or several projects, is negotiated individually and fixed in an agreement concluded with the partner. Project cost for a customer is fixed. The cost is not inreased to value is paid for the partner.

What is required from a partner:

The partner does not need to be an expert in the field of IT. It is enough for the partner to reduce the customer to our sales manager. . Further, the deal will be conducted by the sales manager. All technical details, technology stacks and other technical information will also be coordinated by the sales manager.

How is the transparency of the transactions between us and the partner controlled:

  • All conditions are prescribed in the contract
  • The partner is always given the opportunity to participate in negotiations and business meeting
  • Partner can maintain a relationship with a potential customer
  • Partner can accept payment from a potential customer to his account, but in this case partner is assigned risks and responsibility to the client.

Work sequence and persons:

The sequence of developing for mobile application, website, software

  • Searching for potential customer (partner);
  • Customer requirements processing (business analyst);
  • Conformation of the commercial offer (sales manager, project manager, programmer);
  • Development of the technical documentation (project manager, business analyst, team of programmers, other specialists);
  • Formation of updated commercial proposal according the technical documentation (sales manager, project manager);
  • Design development (UX / UI designer);
  • Servers deploying (system administrator);
  • Development of a prototype (team of programmers);
  • Project development (team of programmers);
  • Testing (team of testers);
  • Development of documentation (documentation specialist, team of programmers);
  • Launch of the project (project manager);

The term from point 1 to point 6 may take 2-6 months.

The sequence of works on the promotion of the website (we support only English, Russian and Ukrainian languages)

  • Searching for potential customer (partner)
  • Conformation of the commercial offer (sales manager, SEO specialist, SMM specialist)
  • Running promotion (SEO specialist, SMM specialist, programmer, project manager, designer, copywriter)
  • Monthly reports (SEO specialist, project manager)

The period from point 1 to point 3 can take up to 2 weeks in the region.

The most highly profitable orders:

  • Website promotion (SEO) (Europe and USA);
  • Support and completion of finished projects;
  • Mobile applications;
  • Websites;
  • 3D graphics and animation;

The general list of works that we can carry out:

  • Development and redevelopment of the websites;
  • Development and rework of mobile applications and games;
  • Development and rework of programs for computers, machine tools, peripherals;
  • Development on the basis of blockchain;
  • Development of graphics, logos, interfaces;
  • Development of animated videos;
  • Development of 3D graphics, models for games, animations, characters;
  • Development for VR headsets;
  • Promotion of sites in search results (SEO);
  • Promotion of companies in social networks (SMM);

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